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Jun 1, 2022

Today on 3-Minute Marketing, I'm chatting with all-around badass CMO, Christian Campagnuolo. He's currently CMO at Revature, the largest employer of entry-level technology talent in the U.S. Prior to Revature, Christian has had a remarkable career in marketing — he found his roots in brand marketing at Disney, then transitioned into agency life and built his own agency. He eventually found his way into the tech world, heading up marketing for renowned tech brands like Blackboard, Logi Analytics, MicroStrategy and most recently EVERFI.

Christian has so many gems, we could have fit five episodes into our conversation! But we got some particularly good nuggets when I asked him, "What's the playbook for how a new CMO can take their company's marketing from startup to grown up?

Show notes:

  1. Start off by observing what's wrong, not working or absent in the current marketing programs.

  2. Do you have individuals that fulfill the core functions of a world class marketing team? Identify those talent gaps and build up the perceived value of those roles in your organization.

  3. Get your marketing team delivering "delight" for your customers and internal stakeholders quickly. Do this by clarifying your team's priorities, e.g.: "Here are the 5 things you need to accomplish in your first 90 days."

  4. Break your CEO's stated goal down to specific tactical initiatives and timelines to help your marketing team understand the journey they're embarking on.

  5. Listen to your sales team's calls at different stages in the sales process — ask, "How long does it take for prospects to understand what our company does?" Then create and provide materials for your sales team to arm them to surgically shorten that learning curve for prospects.