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Jun 29, 2022

Today on 3-Minute Marketing, I'm speaking with Angela Earl. She's an accomplished marketing executive, currently CMO at RFPIO — the industry leading software for response management. Before joining RFPIO, Angela was the owner of a B2B marketing agency which she successfully exited in 2019. Angela shared an impressive (and maybe controversial) content marketing case study on LinkedIn recently that I've been dying to ask her about. My question for Angela was: "How can ungating your content actually drive MORE leads?"

Show notes:

  1. Content is made to be engaged with, but marketers somehow lost sight of this as we went down the "MQL rabbit hole".

  2. We became more revenue-focused, but forgot we're creating content so people can read and watch what we're making.

  3. Instead, we're adding friction to the experience by asking personal questions. But really, our audience just wants to read what we wrote, engage and respond.

  4. When you start surrounding your content with "wrappers" like forms, chatbots and popups, you make it more difficult for your content to get digested and shared.

  5. Content marketers got on this hamster wheel of "more content" at the expense of "quality content." Ungated content that generates leads requires investment: research, running surveys, and gathering tangible learnings your audience will want to consume.

  6. At the end of the day, it's about building trust. If you add genuine value to your audience, they'll come back to you to learn more.