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Mar 13, 2024

Today’s guest is a seasoned marketing professional with experience across major companies like PepsiCo, Visa, Expedia Group, LendingTree, and now at Savvy Matters. Shiv Singh is the author of Savvy, Editor of the Savvy Matters newsletter, and Co-Founder of the AI Trailblazers community. Shiv joins Host Chris Mechanic to share insights from his career path, the importance of zagging when others are zigging, and the evolving role of AI in marketing. He delves into how performance marketing is becoming commoditized due to automation and suggests that future marketers need to focus on brand building, loyalty, and product innovation. Shiv also discusses the potential for AI to change human interactions and emphasizes the importance of understanding psychology in the AI era. He advocates for a people-first approach to technology and suggests that SMBs could lead in adopting AI due to their agility. 



  • Embrace your uniqueness and leverage it in professional settings. This mindset can inspire you and your team to think creatively without being afraid to explore unconventional ideas.

  • The value of foresight in marketing cannot be overstated. Being able to anticipate trends and shifts before they happen gives a marketer a significant edge. Encourage your team to stay informed and perceptive to foster an environment where foresight is a common trait.

  • If you are a marketing leader, you need to stay informed about AI but remember that technology alone is not a silver bullet. The integration of AI in marketing strategies should be thoughtful, enhancing human creativity and intuition rather than replacing it.

  • Psychology will play a critical in future marketing efforts, particularly as AI becomes more integrated into our lives. Understanding human behavior and emotions will be pivotal. This highlights the importance of developing empathetic skills and psychological insights.

  • Being curious and a lifelong learner should be prerequisites for any marketing role. Encourage your team members to pursue learning in emerging fields as this can lead to breakthroughs and innovation.

  • Despite advancements in AI, the human aspects of marketing—empathy, understanding, creativity—will continue to be invaluable. This reaffirms the importance of cultivating these skills.


Quote of the Show:

  • “One of the most important traits that a marketer can have is foresight.” - Shiv Singh






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