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Jan 17, 2024

Today’s guest is an award-winning product marketing leader with over a decade of experience building and scaling successful product marketing teams. She is the former VP of Product Marketing & Lifecycle at Kajabi. Tamara Grominsky is the Founder of PMM Camp, a community specifically for product marketing leaders, and an Advisor at Klue. Tamara joins Host Chris Mechanic to dive into the strategic impact of product marketing within a company, what the leadership career path looks like for product marketers, and what effective product marketing looks like in companies of different sizes.


Tamara also highlights the cross-functional nature of product marketing and why successful product marketing strategies involve everything from market research, segmentation, value testing, and running beta programs to evaluating the adoption of products. This is a must-watch episode for anyone considering a career in product marketing or looking to improve their existing product marketing strategies.



  • Product marketing shouldn't be seen just as a part of marketing, it is more of a strategic role. Product marketers need to be deeply involved in market research, customer segmentation, pricing, and packaging strategy, message and value testing.

  • For a product marketer, it is critical to validate product value rapidly and iterate based on feedback. This should involve activities like running early adoption programs, testing messaging around product value prop, and getting insights about what customers want.

  • Successful product marketing requires a profound understanding of your customers and their needs, which can then be used to improve the targeting of demand generation efforts, the product's positioning, and the user experience. 

  • Product marketers in the SaaS world should focus on the adoption and penetration of a product, perform continuous value testing, and use a data-driven approach to gauge campaign success or user behavior. Don’t restrict the evaluation to just the top of the funnel, also consider down-funnel metrics such as sell-through rates and customer lifetime value (LTV).

  • Product marketing can open doors to various career paths, not just becoming a CMO. There are potential paths to roles like Chief Product Officer (CPO) or Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

  • Product marketing should ideally exist as an unbiased entity, outside of product or marketing, that interacts closely with different departments in the company such as product teams or finance teams, from the discovery process to post-sale customer experience.


Quote of the Show:

  • “I actually don't believe that product marketing is marketing. I think think that it is strategy” - Tamara Grominsky





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