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Nov 21, 2022

Today’s guest has led sales teams for many international brands and is now helping SMEs get Enterprise clients. Barry Moroney is the Founder & CEO at Leadable. Barry shares why so many marketers think they’re using ABM but aren’t, how to approach ABM based on contract sizes, and what a good ABM campaign looks like. 



  • Many marketers genuinely believe they are using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in their outbound marketing, but in reality, very few are. 
  • For example, your company is not really using ABM if you are only splitting up accounts based on territory, splitting up sales reps by vertical, or creating industry-specific collateral.
  • No two companies are the same, and if you are going to use ABM, you need to tailor your approach to each company and its specific needs. Going one step further, you should identify the key stakeholders within the company and what each of them needs. 
  • ABM is great for companies that have a relatively small Total Addressable Market (TAM), but large contract values. The smaller the TAM, the more important the personalized approach becomes. 
  • For companies with a larger TAM, you can craft messages that appeal to the specific personas within the company. In this larger market, you should also be cognizant of what the brand is talking about and make sure your messaging aligns with it.
  • Leaders that want to use ABM need to realize that correctly using ABM requires them to shift their focus from the volume of sales outreach to the quality of sales outreach. 
  • Example ABM Campaign Cadence over 12 Months: Primary campaign runs for 6 weeks and is very personalized using videos, handwritten notes, and phone calls. Those that don’t convert have a 30-day break, then go into a 6-month drip campaign that uses 1 email per month and features no CTAs. Following this is a re-engagement campaign that is similar to the primary campaign, as it brings back the phone calls and the CTAs. Each month is the start of this cycle for a new group of 50 accounts.


Quote of the Show:

  • “Most people genuinely believe that they are doing ABM in their outbound, but very few actually are” - Barry Moroney




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