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Jul 13, 2022

Anna Griffin (CMO of Intercom) is back for a second round of 3-Minute Marketing!

We're talking about a topic that's very near and dear to my heart, based on Anna's TEDx talk called "The Blank Page." It's all about how changing the stories we tell can make a dramatic impact on the trajectory of our lives, careers and the companies we grow.

I was excited to dig in and understand how it could benefit marketers in particular. So I asked her,

"Can you summarize your TED Talk for me and explain how can it impact brands and marketers?"

Show notes:

  1. For one instant in your life, we're all created 1,000% equal.

  2. As time goes on, you become the product of the stories you're told -- by your parents, community, leaders, etc. This shapes your belief system.

  3. The reason some people achieve more greatness and success in life comes down to the stories shaping their beliefs.

  4. If you don't like the trajectory you're on, the answer is to change your story to a bigger and better one that serves you. This will change your belief system, which will change your actions.

  5. This also applies to brands. Companies that tell a bigger story can achieve greater outcomes.

  6. Marketers have the power to change the story of their company. In doing so, they can transform the trajectory of the businesses they serve forever.