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May 8, 2024

Today’s guest is an experienced business leader specialized in revenue-driving go-to-market strategy, data-driven business innovation, building high-performing marketing teams with 10x measurable business impact. Carolyn Bao is the VP of Marketing at AppsFlyer and an Advisor at FlowGPT. Carolyn and Host Chris Mechanic explore the importance of curiosity as a key component of any marketer, how to reach better decisions through a scientific risk versus reward analysis, and what MarTech advancements you should be looking into.



  • Embrace curiosity as a core competency. Encourage your marketing team to ask "why" behind every strategy and decision. This builds a deeper understanding and can lead to more innovative solutions.

  • Implement a structured approach to evaluate the risk and reward presented by different opportunities. This helps others on your team make more data-driven decisions by knowing how to balance the potential benefits against the risks.

  • As a marketing leader, it’s your job to create an environment where taking calculated risks is encouraged and failure is seen as a step towards success. Most of the biggest lessons come from the biggest failures.

  • Promote an atmosphere where team members are encouraged to explore areas outside their immediate expertise, fostering a culture of lifelong learners and versatile marketers.

  • Invest in deeply-understanding your audience. Dedicate resources to both primary and secondary research to deeply understand your customers. This knowledge should drive your marketing strategies, ensuring they are customer-centric.

  • Stay aware of advancements in emerging technologies such as generative AI and data collaboration tools. Understand their potential impact on marketing strategies and prepare your team to leverage these technologies effectively.

  • Encourage ownership and accountability so that every member of your team feels like an owner of their projects, responsible for outcomes, and empowered to make decisions.


Quote of the Show:

  • “The best growth usually comes from the worst failures.” - Carolyn Bao






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