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Jan 31, 2024

Today’s guest is a brilliant, data-driven marketer with a wealth of experience in both SaaS and Ecommerce companies including Clove + Hallow, Dray Alliance, and UPS. Lindsay Britt is a Fractional CMO, the Founder of The Rocket CMO, and an advisor for Todlr. Lindsay joins Host Chris Mechanic to discuss why you should embrace wacky ideas, how to maximize the value of your content, and why continuous learning is so critical. Lindsay also shares her experiences of starting as a Fractional CMO and the challenges she’s had to overcome. 



  • Emphasize exploring innovative and unconventional strategies in marketing, especially in the B2B environment. Non-traditional tactics can attract attention, cut through the noise in the market, and alter economic outcomes.

  • Be open to learning from different industries to derive unconventional ideas that actually cut through the noise of B2B marketing.

  • Contrary to the idea that the only content that works today is short-form, long-form content can be powerful, even in B2B marketing. Detailed and valuable content can keep audiences engaged, boost conversions, and enhance brand reputation through displayed expertise.

  • Accessibility of content, even un-gated, attracts leads who might want to reference information later. For example, you could share un-gated written content and provide a short form so prospects can download your content as a PDF for later.

  • Fractional CMOs offer a valuable resource by bridging the gap between the need for high-level marketing direction and the necessity of a full-time executive. They assist in developing and executing marketing strategies, managing marketing teams, and aiding businesses to reach their growth goals.

  • Continuous learning and growth are fundamental in the marketing industry. It’s critical to stay up-to-date with new technologies and marketing trends to expand your skill set. Companies should invest in ongoing training and development for their employees to maintain their competitive edge.


Quote of the Show:

  • “Try wacky, crazy things.” - Lindsay Britt




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