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Dec 28, 2022

Today’s guest is a beloved and renowned B2B brand marketing thought leader with over 40 years of experience. Drew Neisser is the CEO at Renegade Marketing & CMO Huddles and the author of Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands. According to Drew, the top five mistakes that B2B marketers make are The Peanut Butter Effect, backward targets, rebranding without changing the product or service, spending too much on MarTech, and retreating in a time of crisis.



  • Mistake number 1 B2B marketers make is called The Peanut Butter Effect which happens when they try to do too much in their messaging to different target personas. Simplify your brand to under 8 words and then find new ways to tell it.
  • Mistake number 2 for B2B Marketers is when the targets are backward. Most marketers think Prospects>Customers>Employees. Reverse that order to Employees>Customers>Prospects. 
  • If your employees don’t buy your brand story, you’re toast, but if they do, they can be your greatest ambassadors. The same holds true for customers; when they actually buy your brand story they can be your best advocates.
  • Create your brand’s purpose-driven story statement in under eight words. Once you have this, come up with six ways to make it real to employees, six ways to make it real for customers, and six ways to make it real for prospects. 
  • Mistake number 3 is when B2B marketers rebrand without changing the product or service offering. Don’t put a new coat of paint on an old barn. If you’re changing your promise to customers, make sure to improve your product or service.
  • Mistake number 4 is when marketers spend too much on MarTech. MarTech is only a set of tools, it is not a substitute for marketing. In many companies, there is too much tech, not enough staff, and not enough marketing. 
  • Mistake number 5 is when CMOs retreat during a time of crisis, whether it be a global health catastrophe or economic meltdown. Tough times give marketers a chance to prove that they are essential to the company.
  • You’re marketing should reflect your brand’s personality which you should develop through consistent tonality and style in your messaging. B2B doesn’t have to mean “Boring to Boring”. It’s OK to lighten up and have some fun with your marketing.


Quote of the Show:

  • “Great marketing is not about fluff, it is about service and selling through service.” - Drew Neisser




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