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Jul 5, 2023

You’ve probably heard that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. These excerpts featuring special guests Courtney Austermehle, Chris Allen, Ryan Morel, and Sarah Reynolds are here to help you learn how to put that into practice. These four leaders explain how to create a great marketing team, nurture its culture, and the importance of the language the team uses.


Quotes from the Show:

  • “Start setting those boundaries for yourself where you can use the time wisely.” - Courtney Austermehle

  • “Part of my 90-day plan is to come in and say, okay, let's get to forecasting really quick, but let's understand who we have, and really the first two weeks is a listening tour to really understand the people.” - Chris Allen

  • “Being super thoughtful with your language and the words you choose and being consistent with them over long periods of time, that's where the magic is.” - Ryan Morel

  • “Inclusive marketing is smart marketing and it makes it so that your brand or your product appeals to more of the people who have the buying power to be able to make purchase decisions.” - Sarah Reynolds


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