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Jun 12, 2024

In this episode, we highlight 5 financial service leader, and their secrets to success. Their experiences and insights on affiliate marketing. They highlight the benefits of establishing strong affiliate partnerships, which can drive significant results and enhance brand reputation. The conversation contrasts affiliate marketing with influencer marketing, noting that while influencer marketing is trendy, affiliate marketing offers performance-based benefits that are often overlooked. This episode underscores the importance of adopting a strategic approach to affiliate marketing and advises leaders to consider the potential of affiliate programs to boost their business's digital presence and direct traffic. 



1. Form Strategic Partnerships with Affiliates: Instead of relying solely on competitive bidding in search engines, seek out partnership avenues with affiliates to significantly increase results.


2. Integrate Affiliate Marketing into Quarterly Strategies: Make affiliate marketing a key component of your quarterly strategy to enhance brand reputation and drive direct traffic.


3. Incentivize Performance-Based Bidding: Encourage affiliates to bid on a performance basis, similar to platforms like Google and Facebook, to optimize marketing investments.


4. Invest in Manual Effort: Efficient affiliate marketing requires hands-on effort and can't rely on a single DSP or central platform.


5. Utilize Affiliate Marketing Platforms: Explore platforms like for managing affiliate partnerships efficiently.


6. Leverage Website Traffic for Affiliate Links: Allow website owners or individuals with an audience to promote your brand using special links, offering commission on resulting transactions.


7. Consider Influencer Marketing as an Extension: View influencer marketing as a form of affiliate marketing where payment is based on posts rather than performance, but be cautious in the B2B space.



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