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Apr 19, 2023

With B2B buying groups growing larger, it’s time for marketing to take a page out of the sales playbook and begin using multi-threading to increase close rates. Here to let you in on all of the secrets is an awesome paid media and digital marketing expert who specializes in helping major companies like Gong and Salesloft improve their pipeline. Today’s guest is Isaac Ware, the Director of Demand Generation at UserGems. Isaac shares how to increase your close rate by five times, which marketing tools to use for multi-threading, and why you need to re-engage previous champions of your company.


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  • Marketers need to embrace Multi-threading. Multi-threading is a sales technique that pulls more people from various personas within a company into the deal. Having multiple contacts within a deal increases the chances of closing that deal dramatically.

  • Within potential B2B accounts, buyer groups are increasing in size. For example, a sales cycle that would have involved 3 contacts within a company in the past now needs to include 5 or 6 contacts that fit a variety of personas.

  • By using multi-threading on a tactical level, marketers can engage the different personas within a target account at the optimal time during the sales process. This engagement can be done through extremely targeted and personalized ads for each persona.

  • When advertising on LinkedIn, in-feed ads can outperform conversational ads simply based on their variety and the frequency at which they can be shown to the audience.

  • CRM tools and similar software that can identify the buying committees within target accounts and categorize the contacts into the proper personas are extremely useful. These tools are essential for implementing scalable multi-threading tactics.

  • If you’re not tracking the champions of your company when they move on from their current companies, you are missing out on a huge potential source of revenue. Make sure to monitor these contacts and engage them to stay top of mind.


Quote of the Show:

  • “Buying groups are getting bigger, so multi-threading is more important than ever.” - Isaac Ware




Shout Outs:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

  • The Founders by Jimmy Soni

  • Corrina Owens, Senior ABM Manager at Gong


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