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Aug 23, 2023

Joining Host Chris Mechanic on today’s episode is a passionate, data-driven marketer with over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. They’ve won 12 marketing awards including "The Innovator" award for the most creative use of Gong. Aviv Canaani is the VP of Marketing and Sales at Datarails. Aviv shares how to make B2B marketing less boring, the nuances of creating funny content your prospects love, and the unique marketing opportunities that startups have in SaaS verticals.



  • Note to marketers: B2B content does NOT have to be boring. Even if the brand or product you’re working on growing seems boring, the content you create for your prospects should not be boring.

  • Marketers need to avoid falling into the trap of only sharing standardized messaging or a limited palette of content formats. 

  • The key to getting your prospects excited about and engaged with your solution is to create fun and engaging content that your prospects want to give their attention to. Without this in mind, your marketing efforts become lost in the noise your prospects ignore every day. 

  • In order to earn your potential customer's attention, what you create must be remarkable. For example, past Datarails’ content focused on highlighting product features, however, they have seen better ROI since building an internal media company to create amazing content. Datarails began producing memes that were relevant to professionals involved in FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) in target companies.

  • Maintaining a certain level of quality in the ads and content you create is very important because, according to Aviv, “you need to create content that is good enough that your employees really want to share it.” Oftentimes, marketers have to beg their own co-workers to share online. Once employees are sharing content on their own, you know that you’ve created good-quality content. 

  • Humor is not universal, meaning what is funny to you may not appeal to your ICP’s sense of humor. Achieving great results with content that is meant to be funny and relevant is reliant on how well you understand your audience. 


Quote of the Show:

  • “I'm a strong proponent of the fact that B2B doesn't have to be ‘boring to boring’” - Aviv Canaani




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