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Dec 13, 2023

Today’s guest has built their career leading marketing at global brands with household names including Procter and Gamble, L’Oreal, and Cirque du Soleil. As a seasoned professional, she understands the significance of being people-oriented and surrounding herself with talented individuals. Joining the show this week is the CMO of Coveo, Sheila Morin!


In this episode, Sheila joins host Chris Mechanic and shares her valuable insights on achieving success and the importance of building strong teams. Sheila dives into her PATH framework, the importance of embracing uncertainty, and how to make the most out of live events.



  • To be a successful leader, you need to rely on your people. While it can be tempting to handle everything on your own, effective delegation both takes work off your plate and helps grow your team at the same time. 

  • Micromanaging and failing to delegate can hinder team productivity and growth. Trusting and empowering team members is crucial for achieving better results and personal development as a leader.

  • Effective management involves seeking perspectives from others and asking the right questions to foster growth and improvement. Working alone limits perspective and hampers team development, emphasizing the importance of collaboration.

  • Embrace the concept of going from A to not A rather than trying to predetermine a specific destination. By deconstructing and exploring alternative ideas, we can foster creativity and find innovative solutions that may otherwise be overlooked.

  • By integrating sales teams with marketing initiatives and using personalized engagement techniques can transform the B2B industry by providing a seamless, buyer experience. Achieving this leads to improved customer engagement and increased conversion rates.

  • Live events play a crucial role in lead generation, allowing for valuable face-to-face interactions. By leveraging pre-event engagement, post-event summaries, and webinars, companies can maximize the impact of these events. 

  • AI-powered Generative Answering is revolutionizing customer experiences by providing quick and accurate self-service solutions, reducing reliance on call centers and agents, and lowering costs for businesses.


Quote of the Show:

  • “Doing marketing is easy. Managing people is difficult.” - Sheila Morin




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