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Feb 28, 2024

Today’s guest is an LGBTQ advocate, a motorcyclist who loves nature, and an empathetic marketing leader who believes in the power of data and collaboration. They are curious and adventurous, with a growth mindset and a passion for authentic connections. Tifenn Dano Kwan is the CMO of Amplitude, an Advisor to Madkudu, and an Executive Advisory Board Member at G2. Tifenn joins Host Chris Mechanic to share how to implement a potent Product-led Growth motion, why you need to be thinking about the LTV to CAC ratio, and how to start harnessing customer behavior data to drive growth.



  • Embrace the use of Product-Led Growth (PLG) with digital products. By focusing on the user experience, simplifying onboarding, providing freemium options, and ensuring end-user independence, businesses can drive engagement and loyalty. 

  • Prioritize efficiency and profitability by gauging the effectiveness of a campaign on the ratio of Lifetime Value (LTV) to Cost of Acquisition (CAC). It provides a quantitative measure to assess the efficiency of marketing channels and campaigns. 

  • Leveraging behavioral data can significantly help businesses in making informed decisions, improving customer experience, and thereby driving revenue, especially for companies using PLG. 

  • Understand the impact that marketing plays can make on customer retention. With increasing focus on profitability, retention becomes a key aspect in driving sustained revenue growth. Effective retention measures can lead to improved LTV to CAC ratios. 

  • Prepare your team and business for scalability. As businesses evolve, the systems and processes need to grow and adapt. It is key to ensure that the organizational structure supports scalable growth while maintaining the creative innovation of a startup environment. 


Quote of the Show:

  • “So in short, when you start thinking about Product-Led Growth, this is a mindset.” - Tifenn Dano Kwan





  • Patrick Lencione


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