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Jun 15, 2022

Short description:

On today's 3-Minute Marketing episode, I'm speaking with serial entrepreneur Richard Lau. He's currently Founder & CEO at, the logo design platform that allows you to create a great logo for your brand in minutes.

One of Richard's passions is sharing what he's learned in his journey as an entrepreneur that can help other leaders be more successful in their careers, particularly mistakes made or opportunities missed that others can learn from.


Richard told me a networking story (one of the keys to his success) and I was intrigued to learn more. So I asked him, "If I were your protégé, how would you tell me to maximize the power of my own network?"

Show notes:

  1. Facebook and Instagram are NOT your business network. LinkedIn is your business networking tool. Make sure you're over the 500+ connections threshold.

  2. Be useful. Don't go out there selling and pitching. Instead, make connections between people in your network.

  3. When you do this, you're helping 2 or more people in your network become more successful. The goodwill compounds over time.

  4. Helping is a numbers game. If you help 100 people, 99 may never turn into anything. But one could lead to an opportunity that will change your life.