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May 24, 2023

Today’s guest is a global marketing strategy expert who is passionate about building high-performing teams and coaching the next marketing leaders. Allison MacLeod is the Chief Marketing Officer of Flywire and is a Member of the Board Of Trustees for the Mass Technology Leadership Council. Allison shares the ROI mindset that marketers need to have, the importance of prioritizing cost-effective revenue, and how to develop a strong and capable team as a marketing leader.



  • Whether in B2B or B2C, as the CMO, you need to understand the ROI generated from everything your marketing team does. You must also be focused on the goals you share with the sales organization and work toward them.  

  • Marketers must consider how they support the company's sales or account management teams. What can marketers do to help them improve retention, upselling, and cross-selling? 

  • MQLs and your top-of-funnel are the lever and gauge that you can use to impact revenue. It’s crucial to learn how to scale them up and down to provide more predictable results and improve them quarter over quarter.  

  • As a marketing leader, you must aim your efforts at what provides cost-effective revenue and is aligned with the sales team. It’s essential to de-prioritize anything that is not driving to that goal, to maximize cost-effective revenue.

  • Marketers should be sitting in on sales calls and speaking with clients to get real feedback on what resonates with potential customers that they can include in the messaging of marketing collateral. 

  • When recruiting new members for your team, make sure they have opportunities to grow and improve the company. Lay out the path ahead of them and highlight the areas in which they can become involved and take charge of. Be a mentor and listen to them.

  • No matter how skilled you are or what field you are in, everything in business comes down to communication, trust, and relationships. Without communication, there is no collaboration which leads to everything falling apart. 


Quote of the Show:

  • “As a CMO, you should act like the CRO.” - Allison MacLeod




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