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Jun 26, 2024

In this episode of The Revenue-Driven CMO, host Chris Mechanic sits down with Brooke Cunningham, a seasoned marketing executive with over 26 years of experience in B2B SaaS. Brooke discusses the pivotal role partnerships have played in her career, including her success at companies like SAP and Splunk, where she contributed to significant revenue growth. Now the CMO at Logic Monitor, Brooke shares her secrets to operationalizing partner relationships to drive revenue. She emphasizes the importance of mutual commitment, the necessity to treat partners like customers, and leveraging AI to enhance efficiency. The episode also explores Brooke's current role and initiatives at Logic Monitor, including the launch of their Gen AI-powered observability platform, Edwin AI.


~ Leverage Partnerships for Growth: Treat your partners like customers, including implementing partner advisory boards and satisfaction surveys. This mutual respect and focus can lead to strong, revenue-driving relationships.

~ Invest in Joint Solutions: Start with a joint solution that has proven customer demand. Create and track a joint program or campaign to measure its success and use that data to negotiate further investment and growth.

~ Commit Resources: Both you and your partner must commit resources. Ensure there’s involvement from areas like product development, marketing, and operations to turn partnerships into successful ventures.

~ Tailored Incentives: Utilize specific incentive programs like SPIFs and rebates to encourage partner engagement and performance, adjusting these incentives based on the partner’s success and business impact.

~. Operationalize Partnerships: Focus on the operational aspects of partnerships. Ensure smooth transactions and the realization of revenue through joint strategies and tactical implementations.

~ AI for Efficiency: Integrate AI into both your product offerings and internal processes. For instance, using AI to generate marketing material, or within your product to provide actionable insights and reduce time to resolution for your customers.

~ Elevate Thought Leadership: Leverage your company's success stories and industry differentiators to build thought leadership. Engage with customers and partners to turn these stories into compelling narratives that solidify your market position.

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“I think there's an element of liking challenges and being creative and solving challenges”

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