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May 10, 2023

Today’s guest is a keynote speaker, coach & mentor with over 25 years of marketing experience. He has spent most of his career leading marketing at IBM throughout Europe and the Americas. Scott Neuman is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Calix. Scott explains the 3 keys to empowering everyone in your company to be a brand ambassador, why you need to highlight customer wins, and how to set up an effective customer advisory board.



  • Anyone who works for your company is an ambassador for your company’s brand. Wherever someone from your company may be, as soon as they say they work at your company, they become an extension of the brand.

  • Marketers need to effectively leverage everyone in their company to take advantage of this immense earned media opportunity that costs them nothing. When used correctly across social media, this can dramatically amplify the reach of your brand’s story.

  • There are three key steps involved with getting everyone in your company excited about posting on social media about the company. 1) Understand the Story. 2) Arm the Extroverts with Tools. 3) Celebrate New Voices.

  • To transform every position within the company into a revenue-driving position, your company needs to have a strong story and make sure that everyone really understands the why behind the company. 

  • Give the extroverts within your company the tools they need to tell your company’s story with their own flavor. Encourage them to share why the company’s mission is relevant to them and their network. Celebrate those that are sharing both internally and externally.

  • So much of B2B marketing is companies talking about themselves. Cut through the noise by flipping it around to talk about your customers and highlight their wins. You can tell a much more compelling story when you put your customer in the role of the hero. 

  • Prospects don’t care about what product you sell, they care about what problem you solve. Your marketing should speak to prospects in their language and put your solution into the context of how you help them solve their issue. 


Quote of the Show:

  • “Anyone and everyone can be a brand ambassador” - Scott Neuman




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