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Jul 12, 2023

Today’s episode is a little special, in that it features four amazing insights from four outstanding CMOs and VPs of Marketing. Allison MacLeod, CMO of Flywire, shares why CMOs need to think like CROs. Juliette Kopecky, CMO of LinkSquares, outlines what marketers can gain from sitting in on sales calls. Scott Neuman, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Calix, discusses how to empower your employees to share your brand’s story. Finally, Mike Manheimer, CMO and Head of Growth of PostScript, looks into what the future of SMS means for both B2C and B2B marketing.


Quotes of the Show:

  • “Really you want to, as a CMO, be closest to the revenue and understand the return of everything you're doing. How that is accelerating sales, upsell, and client retention. Truly be in lockstep in sharing goals with the sales organization.” - Allison MacLeod

  • “So you’ve got to get over the fear (of using SMS), you’ve got to structure a test for your brand and figure out how to actually start doing it so you can get some feedback.” - Mike Manheimer

  • “I'm a firm believer that marketing shouldn't and can't exist in a vacuum” - Juliette Kopecky

  • “Anyone who works for your company, whether it's someone at the reception desk at headquarters, or one of your sales leaders, or your head of supply chain, they are all an ambassador of your brand.” - Scott Neuman


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